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Budapest is B’est!

Chain Bridge in Budapest

Budapest is B’est! This is the theme or slogan of this site, which is not just a playing around of words based on the analogy of Amsterdam – A’dam, but it actually holds true for many-many things you can see, do or experience in Budapest. This site aims to introduce you to these unique & b’est experiences, and more than anything inspire you to come and see us.

The Hungarian capital is still a well-kept secret for many, which has not yet fully capitalised on its virtues – unlike Prague which has experienced a torrent of tourist flows after the collapse of communism. Budapest however ‘just’ keeps on growing in a decent manner year by year without any of the dramatic effects. There are so much more on offer here than you would expect – this is what our visitors keep saying.

So let’s take a leap and explore together, in what ways Budapest is the B’est? Just come ’n follow us through the navigation bars and links, and if you had a question or two, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will respond to you soon. Give it a try:)

So in what ways do we think Budapest is the B’est? Some thoughts…

Budapest from the Air

Two Cities, One Soul

Budapest used to be two cities divided by the River Danube up until 1873, when the undulating Buda and the flat Pest were united. So it’s in fact two experiences for the price of one!

Danube Promenade in Budapest

Unique Landmarks

Budapest has many unique landmarks: the Chain Bridge, the Parliament, the Buda Castle, the Heroes' Square, the Andrássy Avenue, the UNESCO World Heritage Danube shoreline, to name a few.

Hungarian State Opera House in Budapest

Music & Culture

The city is a hive of top-class music and art, with one of the world's best Opera houses. You will find a constant stream of concerts, shows, events and festivals all year round. Find out more about the Opera Performances at our dedicated section.

Holy Crown of Hungary in Budapest

Rich History

Budapest has a rich history, part of which is still visible: the Romans, the Turks, the Habsburgs, and the Soviets all loved to be here... They would surely recommend this city as they all left involuntarily.

Parliament Building from the Fishermen's Bastion in Budapest

Stunning Views and Scenery

The Hungarian capital is one of the world’s most beautiful cities, with stunning views and scenery.

Gellért Baths in Budapest

Thermal Baths

Budapest has more than 100 thermal springs and wells, feeding 50 indoor and outdoor baths – the city officially won the title of spa city in 1934, but spa culture dates back to Roman times.

Museum of Military History

Museums & Galleries

Besides the top-notch cultural attractions, you will find a host of museums and galleries.

Chairlift in the Buda Hills in Budapest

Close to the Nature

Its natural qualities make Budapest a very friendly destination – the Buda Hills offer great hiking trails, the Margaret Island is a family & fun spot, and the extensive cave system is for the adventure-seeker.

Natural Kids' Place

It has something unique to offer every season and it’s a natural kids' place with its many offers to children.

Hungarian Wine and Cuisine

Hungarian wine and cuisine is renowned widely – Budapest is the best place to try it out as the city is the pinnacle of Hungarian gastronomy.

Ruszwurm Café

Very Affordable

Despite being part of the European Union, Budapest is still considered as one of the most affordable cities to visit in Europe – you can treat yourself to upmarket hotels and top-notch restaurants for half of the price of that in Western European cities.

So come and see us... This will be an experience for life...

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